Project Description

Lyn contacted Youth Concern for counselling support having been previously treated for depression by her doctor and mental health services. Lyn had experienced a great deal of emotional trauma during her childhood and teens due to family breakdown. Lyn’s mental health deteriorated and she became increasingly reliant on substances and drink. Lyn developed depression and was unable to work or face normal social situations. She also suffered bouts of anxiety that included panic attacks. Prior to becoming depressed Lyn was a talented artist, she was also socially active with a wide group of friends. Depression caused Lyn to cut off ties with friends and a relationship break up further isolated her.  

Lyn contacted Youth Concern for help. After an initial assessment Lyn was accepted for counselling and placed with a counsellor. A program of open-ended person centred counselling enabled Lyn to work through her depression and anxiety. Working at her own pace, issues around family relationships and social interactions were gently and collaboratively explored. In due course Lyn was able to report a reduction in her anxiety resulting in her applying for and securing a new job role. In addition Lyn was able to develop the resilience needed to survive a broken relationship and deal with ongoing family issues. Lyn continues to work and with ongoing counselling support is able to maintain the considerable progress she has made.


We stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person.


How we have helped young people in Aylesbury