We provide emotional and practical support for you whatever challenges you are facing. We are here for you if you are experiencing any difficulty e.g: family breakdown, bereavement, mental health issues, drug or alcohol problems or financial difficulties. We are on hand if you are feeling isolated and unsure where to turn.
We will listen and go at your pace. We will support you to get through difficulties by encouraging you to identify the actions that are appropriate to your own situation and empower you to follow these through.

“You can talk about anything that’s on your mind. I trust them, that’s a massive thing for me. They’ve never let me down. When I’ve been in crisis, they’ve helped me through that. They’ve literally saved my life”

(C, young person)


We stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person.