About us

Youth Concern is an independent youth charity that protects and empowers vulnerable young people in Aylesbury Vale and beyond. We do this with compassion, empathy –and an unflagging ‘never give up’ attitude.
Many young people have grown up facing challenges that include insufficient care and support having to negotiate life without the necessary encouragement, assistance and respect. This is where our team make a difference.

Our approach

If young people have been let down, they can be understandably sceptical about opening up and sharing information. We put no pressure on anyone, there is a minimum of and we won’t bombard you with questions. Our informal approach helps everyone to build trust, so people can talk and interact on their terms.

We have been in Aylesbury since 1979. In four decades, we have helped many young people.
You can support us by donating or taking part in a fundraising event.


We stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person.