Project Description

Alex came to the Youth Concern drop-in centre and upon discussion, disclosed he was homeless following the breakdown of a relationship. Since he was in his mid 20s, he wasn’t a priority for temporary housing within the local authority housing needs.

So one of our youth workers had an informal chat with him to identify his housing needs. We established that he needed housing help immediately and explained what Nightstop is; a safe bed scheme for young people facing a homelessness crisis, whereby approved hosts offer a room in their house to clients who fit the criteria for a few days.

We completed a Nightstop referral and risk assessment with him. We found a Nightstop host who was delighted to open their home to him. He was very grateful to have a safe place to stay and for the home comforts he was offered. During this time we continued to offer him support with his benefits, and worked with him to meet his longer-term housing needs.

Alex may have found himself rough sleeping without Nightstop and Youth Concern. However, by being there to prevent this happening we were able to support Alex to get back on his feet quickly.


We stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person.


How we have helped young people in Aylesbury