Project Description

Jenny, aged 18, came into the Coffee Bar asking to speak to someone about her housing situation which had become very difficult recently. She had been arguing with her parents every day and was worried that things would escalate.

Following an initial conversation with one of our Youth Support Workers it became clear that Jenny needed somewhere to stay urgently. She was placed within the Nightstop emergency accommodation scheme run by Youth Concern. This provided Jenny with somewhere to stay that night and for a few further days.

The next day Jenny came back to the coffee bar and met with her keyworker. Jenny did not feel quite ready to live fully independently and an application was made to a local provider of supported housing. Here Jenny could stay for a year while learning some key independent living skills. Jenny was also offered some counselling through Youth Concern.

Jenny worked hard over the next year and would often come into the coffee bar, sometimes for counselling appointments, help with her benefits or to collect a food parcel. Other times she just wanted a chat and a game of pool. Jenny called the coffee bar was her ‘safe place’.

After around a year Jenny’s supported housing provider agreed she was ready to move on and nominated her to the local authority for housing. After a while, she was offered a one bedroomed apartment. She now enjoys a much better relationship with her mum and dad and they regularly visit her in her new home.


We stand apart from other youth support agencies because the support we offer is informal, flexible, responsive and designed to meet individual need at a pace which is right for each young person.


How we have helped young people in Aylesbury