We are absolutely gobsmacked and delighted that Mayor Mike Smith and his dedicated team have raised over £19k for Youth Concern in his year as Mayor of Aylesbury.

Read on for the statement just issues by the Mayor’s office.

As in previous years, May would have meant the end of my Term of Office as Mayor of Aylesbury, and I would have handed over the honour to the next elected Councillor at the annual Mayor Making inauguration. At this ceremony, I would have presented to my chosen charity a cheque for funds raised during my year as Mayor, but as we know, Coronavirus has changed the course of normality over recent months.

However, I am delighted to present my charity of the year, Youth Concern, with a cheque for £19,403.39. This completely exceeded my expectations, and considering our fundraising efforts had to be curtailed from March onwards, it is an outstanding achievement. Above all, this confirms to me the kindness and generosity of people in Aylesbury and beyond, who have attended my fundraising events, given donations, and contributed to “bucket collections” at our Town Council events between May ’19 and March ’20. This amazing sum of money will enable Youth Concern to continue its vital support work for vulnerable and homeless young people in our town. Also, for those of you still holding on to The Dung Beatles concert tickets, we are hopeful to rearrange this at the earliest opportunity that will allow, so please hang on to them!

A message from Youth Concern Chief Executive Hannah Asquith

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We can confirm safe receipt of your phenomenal fundraising donation. We are so moved by the generosity of our community for giving so much, and indebted to you for your hard work. On behalf of the town’s vulnerable young people, thank you so much.